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The New Testament "A Progressive Revelation of Jesus Christ"

This Blog series is intended to bring God's truth through the lens of Complete Peace to His people.

The first statement I will make is, God requires all of His people to be humble, and as God permits, I will be in humility as I come to you with His message.

Our focus is to create a world-wide movement of Complete Peace, and our strategy is centered around the fact that God loves His people enough to have sent His only begotten Son and has given Him for a sacrifice to pay for His people's debt of sin. Not only did God reconcile His family by paying for their sin; He also justified them by raising Christ from the dead. When God's people know their proper place in Him, they are eternally changed into what He has recreated them to be, and the peace they have been searching for all of their lives is received through His gift of this revelation.

This series is intended to uncover the New Testament books as they are arranged in their systematic progressive way that leads God's people through their Journey into His revelation through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. Each book of the New Testament will be covered in a broad approach as seen through the lens of Complete Peace for the following twenty-seven days and reveal how God's word is given to His people to guide them into the Complete Peace that He has purchased from them.

The next blog we will begin the Journey into Complete Peace as God leads us through the New Testament with the book of Matthew.

May God reveal Himself to others through us today by allowing them to see His love flowing through His people.

Go in Complete Peace,

Craig Lightfoot

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Craig Lightfoot
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This ministry exists with the "soul focus" of "Bringing Complete Peace to God's People."

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