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New Testament Overview Matthew 2

Chapter 2 Good intentions bring death: there is a journey to God.

Wisemen from the east came to see Jesus.

The wise men asked earthly leaders to help them the rest of the way after God was leading them.

This carelessness fulfills prophecy by bringing attention to Jesus being alive and thousands of babies being slain. The wisemen’s actions caused many lives to be lost.

Jesus came into Bethlehem the “house of bread” to be His people’s “Bread of Life:”

Joseph subsequently had a dream instructing him to flee into Egypt (meaning bondage) then back to Israel (prince of God) but was turned into Nazareth of Galilee. This illustrates Jesus the Saviour coming into the world to be His people’s substance, going into bondage (Egypt), is a Nazarene (holy man set apart), in Galilee (the fertile ground). This is also His people’s typical relationship to Him. They accept Him as their substance, know He is the Prince of God, but get distracted and brought to Him only to the point of being holy and set apart on good ground for a length of time.


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