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How It Works

The Journey

 God is the answer.


God has already given His children the answer. The simple answer is to step into the relationship with Him and live life from His perspective. The reality in life is we need a map to show us how to get to Him the most effective way. God has supplied His children with the answers and they are in the Bible; which, has about 780,000 words. Every one of the words is meaningful and with this much information, many people will feel overwhelmed by it. That is why this ministry exists.


We have been given a map to follow. It encompasses life stages from humility to completion and it is called The Journey. It is the systematic approach taken from the Bible that helps people identify where they are on their journey and where they are going. God has given His children incredible lives to live and we are here to help.


The Journey includes Steps, Truths, and Stages. Each step is one step closer into God's Truth and the Truths are what set His people free into their next Stage of Life. So, come with us through this Journey.                


Welcome to The Journey,

Complete Peace, Inc.

A 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation      



God turned a curse...        

     Let's take this Journey               


   into a BLESSING...
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