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The Perfect Plan

Moses was born in bondage, became the son of the king, threw it away to protect one of his people, was spiritually trained for forty years under an Ishmaelite priest, interacted with the Lord through a burning bush, prophesied of the Great Plagues of Egypt and was as a god unto Pharaoh, had the Red Sea parted through his obedience, went upon the Mount and received the commandments directly from the Lord, struck a rock to have water flow through it, refused to talk to a rock in rebellion to God and agrevation with the people, and missed his opportunity to enter the Promised Land on earth.

The reality of Moses's journey is, he was never told to lead the people into the Promised Land, he was only instructed to lead them out of their bondage. The Lord knew what was going to happen to him, and the Lord knows what will happen to us.

The question is, “Are you equipped and set to obey or not?”

Culture says no one is or shall be able to be perfect and beyond sin because it fears Satan’s power and looks to people’s own ability to achieve perfection, but Jesus commanded several people to be perfect and sin no more, and He never wasted any words nor would He give them anything to accomplish that was not already finished.

The real question is, “Is the Lord’s grace and sovereignty enough to keep His people from evil or not?”

The Lord's grace is sufficient. Grace is not about people’s ability and it is certainly not a license to sin. Grace is God’s ability to perform around, in, and through His people every moment of their lives. Grace shall flow through His people's lives through faith to achieve what He has already done.

Let's go and sin no more loving God, ourselves, and others with His perfect love that fulfills all of the Law.


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