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Stage Nine "Fulfilling Separation"

This is day nine of the blog series, “Ten Days Through The Stages of Life.” The series is intended to bring us through the Ten Stages of Life as defined by God’s word through Complete Peace. God has given His people the map, the Bible, to their journeys and we are here to facilitate its reception. God has been gracious enough to give His people His word written in their language to read, meditate on, and receive in His truth that transforms their lives into what He has designed them to be from the foundation of the world. The person of God lives on the Stage of Life they are experiencing until they finish all Ten Truths of the Stage; then, they live in that Stage while they are on the next Stage until they complete its Ten Truths. Complete Peace is, “Drawing a court case for God and painting a portrait for His people.”

The Ninth Stage of Life, the true life in God, is the Stage of Fulfilling Separation and is found in Colossians chapter one. Paul writes a letter to the Church at Colossae which includes this pivotal set of description of who they are in Christ as they are separated from the world.

Fulfilling Separation is simply defined as being removed from worldly culture to receive God completely.

The First Truth in the Stage of Fulfilling Separation is, “And you, that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works.”

Everyone on this planet were once alienated and enemies with God until they were humbled and come to His saving grace. The amazing gift of humility allows God’s grace to flow into their lives more every Stage of their lives. In this Stage of Life, it prepares them to be separated completely from themselves.

The Second Truth in the Stage of Fulfilling Separation is, “Yet now has He Reconciled” With being separated from one’s self, the reconciliation in God is more available than ever before in His people’s lives. God’s people are reunited in Him and completely led by His Spirit.

The Third Truth in the Stage of Fulfilling Separation is “Holy and Unblameable and Unreproveable in His Sight” With the realization of being made “Holy and Unblameable and Unreproveable in His Sight,” His people are secure in their relationships with Him and come to Him boldly receiving the power of being in Him.

The Fourth Truth in the Stage of Fulfilling Separation is, “Grounded and Settled” God’s people being grounded and settled in the faith are seated in heavenly places in Him and find their rest on the Rock.

The Fifth Truth in the Stage of Fulfilling Separation is, “Hope of the Gospel” The “Hope of the Gospel” is the only lasting hope that exists; because everything else ends in eternal destruction. God’s mercy does not disappoint and He receives honor due to Him from His people.

The Sixth Truth in the Stage of Fulfilling Separation is, “Preached to Every Creature Which Is Under Heaven” God sent His messengers, including nature itself, to all people to give them the opportunity to receive His Gift of life; so everyone is without excuse from knowing who He is, and all of His people will receive understanding and attain eternal life.

The Seventh Truth in the Stage of Fulfilling Separation is, “Made a Minister” Minister is simply defined as a person who distributes what they have in their possession. God makes all of His people into ministers; because it is their natural response to loving Him, their selves, and others with the love He has placed in them.

The Eighth Truth in the Stage of Fulfilling Separation is, “Dispensation of God” God dispenses Himself to whom He wills as He wills.

The Ninth Truth in the Stage of Fulfilling Separation is, “Christ in You, the Hope of Glory” The hope in God’s children separates them from the world like Jesus spoke about separating the wheat from the weeds, and the good and bad fish. This separation is eternal and His people never look back to desire what they once had.

The Tenth Truth in the Stage of Fulfilling Separation is, “Perfect in Christ Jesus” God’s children being perfect in Christ Jesus completely separates them from the world like Christ Jesus Himself was. This positional living is not going to be pleasant on the flesh, but the flesh does not matter anymore to His people who’ve been brought through this Truth in their lives.

The Ninth Stage of Life is completed with God’s people being separated from who they were and the world in general because they are made perfect in Christ Jesus. They know the perfection is not of their self and are in awe of Father God even more than they have been to this point in their journeys; therein being one Stage of Life closer to receiving Complete Peace in Earth.


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