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Finding Complete Peace Together

Finding complete peace is not like looking for a needle in a hay stack; it is like looking for a needle in a world full of hay. It is like setting out on a journey looking for a specific destination without a map or the ability to ask anyone for directions.

The simplest way to say it is, "It is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

God has set this encounter before the foundation of the world and it is not by chance that you found this site. Everyone that I meet tells me they are in the middle of some life straining moment and wondering what their next step is. Through over 10,000 hours of intense Bible study and spiritual revelation, God has given us the Ten Steps to Complete Peace. The plan is designed to help people understand life in a different way than they've ever imagined.

We are encouraged you are a part of our community and appreciate all questions and comments.


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Craig Lightfoot
Complete Peace, Inc.

This ministry exists with the "soul focus" of "Bringing Complete Peace to God's People."

We are here to help.

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