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Found in

1 Corinthians 12:7-11



The Ten Truths in "Life"

(The statements are linked to videos.)


1 The Word of Wisdom
The word of wisdom tells God’s people what is happening around them spiritually. It flows through them into other’s lives, and it helps people know how to navigate situations properly because they see what the truth reality is. Jesus told us He would send the Spirit that would lead and guide into all truth, and here it is, the word of wisdom.

2 The Word of Knowledge
The ability to receive God’s power is in knowledge (an intimate relationship) with Him. Jesus told His people He would send the Spirit that would remind them what had been said, and tell them of things to come, and here it is, "the word of knowledge." Knowing the Creator in this personal way is what redeems His people.

3 Faith 

The Spirit’s faith is the same faith that Jesus had while He walked physically on the Earth. Through this faith, His people have the power of God flow through their lives in the unimaginable magnitude that He gives it. Since having faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, having God’s faith dwell in His people moves the world.

4 Gifts of Healing
Every one that has come to Earth has sinned and therefore everyone deserves death by their actions, but instead of death, God extends His healing and gives His people rest. Healing is often thought of in the physical realm; which is part of its reality, but it is the spiritual realm that is eternal. Receiving the gift of healing allows it to flow through His people into others thereby bringing His people into the rest-filled state.

5 Working of Miracles
The biggest miracle that God’s people should be aware of is their names are written in heaven. Knowing their names are written in heaven allows God’s people to live beyond a worldly human focus and be aware of the miracles flowing through their lives thereby having God's mercy to give to others.

6 Prophecy
The gift of prophecy gives God’s people the more abundant life with the ability to receive His hidden truths and the knowledge of the future. The basis of the entire Bible, the testimony of Jesus Christ, is the spirit of prophecy. This is for the building up of "The Church" and for people to enter an eternal life awareness with God.

7 Discerning of Spirits
God has blessed His people with people to guide them into the truth, and there are others whose purpose is focused on distracting and leading people away from Jesus. God protects and fills His children’s lives through discerning of these spirits and gives them proper relationships to build their faith.

8 Diverse Kinds of Tongues
The gift of tongues is the ability to speak in other languages. These languages are used to communicate with others on earth in which a language barrier exists, speak the words from God in a group when there is an interpreter present to share the meaning with the group, and to speak one-to-one with God so the enemy cannot understand what is being said.  God’s is sovereign in giving His language to whom He chooses when He chooses.

9 The Interpretation of Tongues
The interpretation of tongues allows God's people to understand different languages as God deems necessary to understand what people are communicating in foreign earthly languages, and know God's Holy Language flowing through other people and directly from Him. This gift unifies God's people together as it separates them from the limitations of the world.

10 One and Self-Same Spirit
The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in God’s people. This unity with Him that had not existed before His people went on their journeys transforms their lives even more into the more abundant life that God gives through Jesus.


This Stage of Life is completed with God's people receiving His abundant life. Living a life of abundance that does not depend on external situations opens God's people into a deeper understanding, and they are one Stage of Life closer to receiving Complete Peace in Earth.




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