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“The Relationship”

Gospel According to John



The Ten Truths in "Mercy"

(The statements are linked to videos.)



1 Turns Water into Wine

Jesus showed people empty vessels, had the people fill them with water, and turned the water into wine. He does the same thing in His people’s lives today. He takes their emptiness, washes them with the water of the Word, and gives them eternal life through placing His blood in them; which is symbolized by wine. 

2 Cleansed the Temple

Jesus purged the worldly wealthy merchants out with a cord of whips, he turned the money changers tables (lives) upside down, and He told the poor people who sold doves to stop doing what they were doing.  He knows what level of assertiveness every person needs to rid them of idols and fill them with Him.

3 Healed an Officer’s Son

Jesus showed God’s power by healing the child from a distance. Although Jesus may seem to be at a distance sometimes in people’s lives, He is always right beside them willingly able to heal them as our Father instructs Him.    

4 Pool of Bethesda Healing

Jesus healed a man who was “born all together in sin” instead of condemning him. The religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus because He did it on the Sabbath. Jesus did healed the man on the Sabbath Day to show what active rest is.

5 Fed 5000 Men

Jesus honored our Father by having mercy on the multitude even though He knew they would reject Him the next day when He told them the truth boldly. God’s people have mercy flowing through them and not judgment; because their Father has mercy on all that exist until it is finished; then comes Judgement Day,

6 Walked on Water

Jesus knew He would startle His disciples by doing something they were not expecting; thereby exercising their faith and bringing them more to life.

7 Healed a Blind Man

All people are born into this world spiritually blind, and Jesus opens His people's spiritual eyes so they can see God’s works and tell others.

8 Raised Lazarus from the Dead

Jesus knew Lazarus, a friend of His, would die. Jesus waited to go to him, so He could raise him from the dead by calling his name in a tomb occupied by multiple people. Jesus did this to allow His people to see their Father’s powerful sovereignty. 

9 He is Risen

Jesus and His people are separated from the constraints of the flesh and set free to live their lives with their Father because He is risen and shows His people the way.

10 He Caught 153 Large Fish

After Jesus’ resurrection, He assisted seven of His people, who had unsuccessfully fished all night, to catch one hundred fifty-three large fish. Upon arriving on the beach, the disciples realized Jesus had cooked them a beach side breakfast; thus, showing He will teach His people how to fish and also feeds them.


This Stage of Life is completed with God's people receiving His mercy and it flows through them. Living a life of flowing mercy opens God's people's lives into deeper understanding and they are one Stage of Life closer to receiving Complete Peace in Earth.



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