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Found in

"The Plagues of Egypt"
Exodus 7:14 – Exodus 12:30


The Ten Truths in "Redemption"

(The statements are linked to videos.)



1 Water to Blood  “…, I will smite with the rod…”
God had Moses strike the water with his rod which is a piece of wood. Jesus came and smote His people’s sin with the cross, a piece of wood. This is a portrait of God making the first step in redeeming His people from sin.     


2 Frogs "..., that He may take the frogs away from, me,..."
The Egyptian magicians could bring these idols out of the water just like Moses, but when Pharaoh was tired of having them on his land, he asked Moses to rid the land of them, and Moses asked, “when shall I entreat for thee,” then Moses performed it as Pharaoh requested. God has the same system of redemption for His people. God did what was necessary and has it waiting for His people to ask Him to receive it and tell Him when they want to receive the idols being removed. His people must be tired of the idols in their lives and want to have them removed before God will do it.


3 Lice “This is the finger of God…”

The magicians could not replicate the third plague that God had sent to the Egyptians, and they finally realized the Truth of God's power. God reveals Himself to His people a little at a time as He knows they are able to receive Him. This Truth shows God’s undeniable power that enables His people’s awareness and is evidence to those around them.

4 Flies “ swarms of flies shall be there…”
This Truth displays God’s gift of rest to His people as He is becoming increasingly known to be against the others surrounding them. Today His rest is continually inside His people, but not guaranteed to be outside them. Jesus said, "In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."


5 Livestock "...and the Lord shall sever between the cattle of Israel and the cattle of Egypt..." 
God sent death to the Egyptians' livestock, and none of the Israelites' livestock was effected. This gives God's people who are seeking Him and understand His Gift the automatic response of honoring Him.

6 Boils "And they took ashes...and it became a boil...upon man, and upon beast."
This is the plague in the middle of the deadly plagues that did not kill anything.


7 Hail "He that feared made his servants and cattle flee into..."
God sent messengers that knew He would be true to His word and kill the people’s livestock and servants that were not gathered into the houses. God is doing the same thing today. He sends His messengers to tell people to come into His house and be saved from the eternally painful death that everyone who does not heed His warning will experience.

8 Locusts “...Go in unto Pharaoh: for I have hardened his heart,…”
God has His plan for redemption set and knows who are going to respond to His call and who will not. He not only knows who will and who will not, but He also hardens some people's hearts to rebel and go against Him so His power can be seen by the ones who can see who He is.


9 Darkness "...a thick darkness...they saw not one another..."
Once God hardens people’s hearts, they have no way to see who He is, or what the truth is; while His people who’ve answered His call and are living in His light see Him and the truth.

10 Death of the Firstborn “...and I will smite all the firstborn…”
God slew His only begotten Son for His people’s redemption, and the reception of this action is what redeems them and frees them from their past into His presence they had not known until this point on their journey.



The second Stage of Life is completed with God’s people knowing who He is, being born again Spiritually through receiving Jesus Christ as their Saviour, and seeing their journey with the Holy Ghost of God showing them the Way. This enables His people to know they are made with and for God's purpose, and they are in His plan.




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