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Found in

"The Spiritual Blessings"

(Ephesians 1:3 - 1:14)



The Ten Truths in "Sovereignty"

(The statements are linked to videos.)



1 God…Who Hath Blessed Us With All Spiritual Blessings

God has blessed His people with these blessings because He wanted to and it is a part of His plan. There is nothing His people can do to earn the gift that He has given to them, but God loves them enough to give it.    

2 He Hath Chosen Us in Him

Jesus said it this way, "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you." God choosing His people and calling them by name to be unified with Him and in Him, is by Him.

3 The Glory of His Grace
God’s grace is His undeniable power granted to His people to bring about His plan in their lives. 

4 We Have Redemption Through His Blood
Redemption is the gift of God given to His people to bring them back to a place they once existed and grant them rest in their home of origin. 


5 Forgiveness of Sins

By God’s mercy, He forgave His people’s sins that had yet to be committed when He paid the price to forgive them; because He knew what they would do before they were even born onto the earth. 

6 All Wisdom and Prudence

By wisdom, God founded the earth, and through prudence, it exists. God has given His people this understanding which increases their lives as they receive it.   

7 Gather Together in One
God’s plan from before the foundation of the world was to have Jesus come and witness who He is to His people and bring them together in and by the One.

8 Worketh All Things After the Counsel of His Own Will
God could not have stated His sovereignty any more boldly than this. He wants His people to know what His authority is and who they are in the relationship so their peace shall increase by faith in His sovereignty.

9 Sealed With That Holy Spirit

God separates His people like all other kings of this world by putting His seal on His property. Once the property is sealed there is no way to remove it; and, with God, His seal is eternally active.

10 The Redemption of the Purchased Possession
There is no missing the mark and no retracting of His statutes once He has spoken; so, His people are redeemed until the Day of Christ Jesus. They can rest assured nothing or no one can take them from their Father’s hand.


The eighth Stage of Life is completed with God’s people knowing He is completely sovereign in every aspect. God’s amazing plan He created and fulfilled is given to His people who have the ability to receive it, and they are one Stage of Life closer to receiving Complete Peace in Earth.  




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