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Jesus brings the Kingdom of God to all people groups



  • The genealogy of Jesus from Abraham to David to Jesus


  • The virgin birth of Jesus


  • Wise men’s journey to Jesus' birth and the slaughter of infants after His birth


  • People were led by dreams


  • All righteousness was fulfilled by Jesus


  • Jesus reached out to the lowly and rebuked the worldly wise and righteous


  • Jesus chose certain people for certain roles in His ministry


  • People were taught to lose their earthly lives to gain their eternal ones


  • During Jesus’ crucifixion, the veil of the temple was ripped in two from top to bottom, the earth quaked, and the rocks were ripped


  • After Jesus' resurrection, the graves opened and many of the saints arose and came out of the graves and walked into the city


  • Jesus appeared to His people, gave them “The Great Commission" to baptize and teach all nations then He ascended






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