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Our Purpose

Peace in the Broken World


Many people with stress in their lives are seeking peace. Historically, most people have lived their lives by trial and error while few people understand their purpose and have received peace into their lives.

Many people live their lives in survival mode, and few ever know their purpose and pathway; however, people can be enabled to live a life that is not subject to external factors by understanding who they are and why they exist.

Complete Peace has received an effective method to carry out its purpose of delivering peace into the

broken world.



This approach is being

duplicated to promote

leadership, prosperity, and

hope; one person, one community, and one nation at a time.


Teamwork is the key

… Where there is no vision, the people perish…


Directions to a new life of Peace

where do you find your peace?

Our Mission
How It Works

Our Mission

Share the Gospel of Peace 

Through Delivering These TEN KEYS:


Humility - Realization of the personal inability to change one's self.

Redemption - Being delivered from one's inability through God's ability.

Power - Standing on the Law in the Spirit instead of being under it.


Being - Those who "are" receive His rewards.


Mercy - God's love is realized more intimately.


Abundant Life - The gifts of the Spirit are active.  


Witness - The fruits of a person's life show God to others.   


Sovereignty - The Spiritual blessings from God are accepted.


Separation - Selfish desires are relinquished.


Completion - Living in God's eternal presence on the Earth.



…And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free…





Empower People:



      Inspiration and information are available here anytime.


      We have connected with local organizations to bring awareness to the possibility and realization of the process that has been given.


      Collaborating with local relationships that have been established to propel the mission into a larger geographic area.


       Partnering with established national organizations to have a synergistic effect of helping the nation. 


       Merging the vision with others to bring healing to an international presence.


…Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature…


What About Life's Issues?








Life challenges are a reality that everyone must deal within his or her lives. We are not saying these things will go away and everything will be a fairy-tale existence where a person's life is outside the challenges that are guaranteed to come on the world we live.    


We are saying there is a way to experience PEACE, a CALM in the middle of the storm.


No matter what’s going on around you,




Could having that kind of peace make a difference in your life? How would that feel?


Complete Peace IS Possible.

The meaning of life


"How It Works"

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"How It Works"
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