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Compete Peace

"The Ten Examples"


1  God in Creation

2  The Ten Plagues of Egypt 

3  The Ten Commandments

4  Sermon on the Mount

5  The Gospel According to John

6  Manifestation of the Spirit

7  Fruit of the Spirit        

8  Armor of God


9  The Truth told to a neighbor 

10 His People – His Sanctuary

Commandment Fulfilled

There is only one true God.


God separates His people from false idols.


Doing justifies not taking God in vain.


Being who He created fulfills the doing of the Law.


The relationship honors God.


Brings the child completely alive and he is not a killer.


Is what produces pure offspring of God and not adulterous.


God's warrior is content with his wages and will not steal. 


Paul wrote this letter to a group of believers he had not met bearing true witness of the Truth.


God's portrait of heaven inside His man with no possibility to desire anything but God.

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