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We have hope laid up in heaven


  • Be filled with the knowledge of His will

  • The Father has delivered us from the power of evil and translated us into the Kingdom of His Son

  • In Jesus, all the fullness dwells and Christ in you is the hope of glory

  • We preach and warn every man that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus

  • Beware unless any man spoil you through philosophy and deceit

  • In Christ is the fullness and we are complete

  • If you are risen with Christ, speak the things of Him and not of the world

  • Christ is all and in all of His people and love is the bond of perfection

  • Do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus

  • Give thanks to God and the Father by Jesus

  • God has no respect of persons

  • Season your words with salt knowing how to answer every man






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